About Darius

Darius is a Rome expert. He has lived in Rome, Italy for almost 18 years, digging, teaching, and directing the American Institute for Roman Culture.  Darius collaborates with the City of Rome museums and the Italian Ministry of Culture. He is a featured lecturer for programs in historical preservation, history, archaeology, classics, new media studies, museum studies, and digital innovation.  Contact him for lectures and educational and travel-related consultancy.

Darius is a digital influencer and cultural tastemaker.   He shares his knowledge and travel experiences on Instagram (one of Shutterstock's top 100 photographers),  Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, and in front of the camera- for TV, live streaming, online educational videos. Darius is a 2017 "Periscoper of the Year" finalist for the 2017 Shorty Awards.  He has ongoing collaborations with lifestyle and technology brands.  Contact him for collaboration.

Darius is an experienced TV host and expert.    Channel surfers regularly come across Darius in documentaries and tv series on History, National Geographic, Discovery, and Travel Channel. He's also appeared on the innovative network Curiosity Stream, and hosts his own successful live educational channel on Periscope.   Contact him for TV or livestreaming collaboration.